Stress Factor

“Well, at this point the future of The Stress Factor Band is simple…keep the music going. By now, every member has had a taste of the stage, the music, the applause that makes music so fun and so rewarding. We will continue to dedicate ourselves to improving the sound, increasing the peace, making new friends and fans, and making music for all to enjoy. The brotherhood that we call Stress Factor is a bond among men that cannot be broken. It will not be broken, because first and foremost, Stress Factor is about friends. Great friends who share a common love…music. We hope that one day everyone can experience a similar kind of joy that happens to us every time we get together and play. It is just tremendous. Come out to see us if you can. Bring a friend. Have a drink. Dance your ass off. Go home with someone you love and make a baby, or try to at least. Peace everyone and God bless.”